2018 H2H Race Series


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I don't feel like talking about categories anymore. They are what they are. Personally I don't have an issue. I just enjoy the racing. This thread can be a place to discuss all other aspects of the series. I'll try to update it with a scouting report before each race.

First up is Mayhem in Medford, NJ. I've done this race the last 2 years and it's been a great wake up both times. The location brings out lots of Mass series guys who don't normally compete in H2H and a lot of other Philly guys. It's a super fast, non technical Ioop so its attractive to roadies looking to dip their toes in MTB racing.

We've had great weather and conditions in 16 and 17 but I think our luck may run out in 18.

As I said the course is not technical and no elevation at all (except for one super short steep hill in the back, which gets pretty painful on the last lap). There's nowhere to recover on this course, so you tend to keep it wide open the entire time.
The soil has been a little sandy, a little loose, and a little mucky. With the weather, it may be much different this year, so I have no advise on tires.
Any MTB will be fine....26, 27.5, 29, rigid, Hard tail, full suspension.... whatever....run what you brung.

Registration here:


I'm ready to get this started and seeing all my race peeps I haven't seen since last year.
I'll probably be there. 9am start is going to be rough. It's a 2 hour drive for me. But I did this race a few years ago and it was pretty fun. That hill in the back a I think most people were walking.


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not doing mayhem but may be there anyway if steve decides to race it... and i should be doing the rest of the series (provided my schedule cooperates)... and all cat 2 with the exception of stewart where i might actually try the endurance class.