2018 BIYF March Madness Double Elimination Tournament


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OK, you stumped me or I'm having a brain fart. Where is that wall?
I think it's the latter, as you make the left turn from Old Wawayanda rd, onto the cross road that goes to Iron Mt rd.
Just on the left into the woods. It used to be something to do with the Wawayanda & Green mines. That's at the intersection of
that cool extension of Wawayanda rd, the singletrack that runs along the stream and goes down towards RT94


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I had to get out this afternoon and check my very local trail that leads to Banker trail.
It's in great shape, someone did trail work and cleared it nicely. Then I hit Banker. It
too has been cleared of the blowdowns. I just had small brush to clear here and there.
Then I rode Banker towards Cherry Ridge and it was good for a while, then went to shit
the last 1/2 mile, with blowdowns and branches.

good work by ML
Banker cleanedup03.jpg

Banker treedown09.jpg

Banker treedown08.jpg