2017 Thursday Nights at Chimney Rock

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  1. jShort

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    Glen Gardner
    Thursday Night Chimney Rock rides are back for 2017.

    I know there is another thread for this ride, but I wanted to start a new one and reiterate what this ride is all about.

    This is for people looking to get a hard ride in on Thursday nights. The pace is usually a Cat 1 tempo/Cat 2 race pace, although this may change. The real fireworks usually happen in the second half of the ride, but you should expect a hard effort regardless. If you're not sure, ask us. We're nice. And honest.

    We typically do a loop that allows for people to drop at their own will and still be close to the lot if they want. We hit the further yellow/High tech stuff later in the ride.

    This is NOT a no drop ride. If you fall behind, there is no promise the pack will be waiting for you at the top of the hill. This is not meant to be unfriendly, or a dick move, we just want to eliminate the "stop and go, stop and go", which is a drag.

    It is suggested to bring the following:
    • Your own tools, pump, and tube to repair your bike.
    • A map or the ability to use your phone to find your way back to your vehicle in case you lose touch with the ride. You are responsible for yourself in case you get dropped.
    • Enough water. It gets hot.
    • Legs.
    We usually try to meet around 5PM at the Newman’s lot, and be riding shortly thereafter. If you think you’ll show up a little later, post up and let us know. We can pick you up at the ball field lot, or after a red trail loop. Keep an eye on this thread for weekly updates.

    Last, but not least: No whining.
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  2. pooriggy

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    I will add that if you are on the fence wether or not you can handle the pace, jump in now. You may get dropped but the more often you do the Thursday night ride, the more bearable it becomes.

    And it is a drop ride but if Kirt or Woody have a mechanical we'll stop. If Jeremy flats we say later for you.
  3. jShort

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    Glen Gardner
    Fixed that for you. ;)

    And seriously, if you don't wait for me you better BYOB.
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  4. Xler8

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    What's the typical duration of the ride and avg speeds?
  5. jShort

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    Glen Gardner
    If I had to guess off the top of my head, avg speed will be around 9 mph, and duration is between 90 and 120 minutes.

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