2017 Ringwood H2H race pictures

Yay! I made it to a race! I'm caught up enough on my kitchen that I actually went outdoors. I also broke my
foot last monday so I'm limited on what I can do.

Been uploading for 2 hours, not sure what's taking so long today. Should be done around 6 pm pm, so check back then before you start looking for your photo.



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Hey did the kids not do the full course? I never saw any of the kids come through and I was with Dr Grant and he was looking for his son. Hope he found him. I was nervous when I lost my dog for 10 minutes once. Imagine losing a human? Yeesh.


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Funny.... I don't remember her mentioning this.....

Thanks for the pics Luke! Was good to seee you out there on my pre ride lap. I had zero clue where I was on course! Hope the foot heals soon.
Oh, I fell so many times after the chain face plant. Was ridiculous.