2017 Group Ride Series

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  1. pooriggy

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    Great weather is upon us, so let's get out and ride our bikes!

    Back by popular demand is our scheduled group rides. We are planning on having 1 ride per month, visiting different parks between now and December. The goal of the rides is to get out and be social, if this interests you then join in the fun.

    Our first venue will be Allamuchy Boy Scout Camp this Saturday, April 15th at 9am.
    Boy Scouts Camp Allamuchy
    750 Waterloo Rd, Stanhope, NJ 07874
    make first right once you pull into BSA and head toward camp Wheeler. DO NOT SPEED. Follow road all the way up to parking lot. Looked for parked cars, that will be parkin lot:)

    This is for advanced riders who are comfortable riding rocks and handling elevation. If you are on the fence about this don't worry about skipping it, we will have many more rides geared toward beginners. We will be showcasing our race course for the H2H, which includes some exciting new changes. If you are interested, please respond so we can get a head count.

    Be sure to check back here for further riding dates, I will be posting them up soon.
    Post up any questions, I'm sure I left stuff out. Any complaints see @Mitch.

    For scheduling purposes here are the dates and places for the 2017 ride series. Details will be posted in future posts.

    May 20th- Nassau Trails
    June 17th- Stewart @1sh0t1b33r
    July 1st- Kitatiny@Pampa
    Aug 19- Six Mile @jmanic @seanrunnette
    Sept. 16- Allaire Schilling Ride @Mitch
    Oct 21 - Chimney Rock, Iggy
    Nov -Splitrock @JimN
    Dec- Hartshorne @rottin'
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    New York
  3. Mitch

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  4. Sven Migot

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    Westfield, NJ
    Anyone have a gpx file or similar to create a route?
  5. pooriggy

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    Hey folks, next up on our Group Ride Series will be Nassau Trails at 9am on May 20th. Jeff Oliver will be leading the ride and support from team MTBNJ will be there.
    Mark this date on your calendars, I will post parking location as we get closer to the date. As always post up with questions or stupid commentary.
  6. Norm

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    You may want to update the first post with the overall schedule and keep that up-to-date in addition to posting at the end.
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  7. stb222

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    Is there a schedule for these for the season? May make it easier for people to plan. @poopiggy @Norm
  8. pooriggy

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    Ok, original post updated to reflect group ride schedule. Get out your palm pilot and type in dates yo.
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  9. arangov3

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    in for beginner rides!
  10. pooriggy

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    Ok, The ride is on at Nassau!

    After working out the details, we will be hosting a group ride at Nassau tomorrow(Saturday, 5/20). I know it's last minute, so if you can join in awesome.
    The weather and trails are in great shape.

    Meet at 9, wheels down at 9:30 am.

    40.663184 , -74.881444 Main Parking Area This is the main parking area for Nassau Trails. Directions

    Post up if you can make it.
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  11. MissJR

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    Morristown, NJ
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  12. pooriggy

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    Good ride today. We had a manageable group and despite the occasional showers found the trails really enjoyable. Thanks to Jeff and Joe for leading us on a flowee loop through Nassau.
    Scott, Capers, Jeff, Alex, John, Joe, Steve, Joy


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