2017 DeTour De Connecticut

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    I drove up in the van and parked at a grocery market called Big Y. I didn't quite account for New England summer coming up short. At around 4:00 it was 40 degrees and my long johns were not enough. Doubled up and threw over an extra blanket. The sun came quick and with it mtbnj blue skys were above, even though I was in Manchester, CT. The ride started at a rail trail head. We formed a group of maybe 2o riders, and soon we split into our abilities. The lead group was moving quick, and chipping stone. We made and lost friends through the woods sections, which were once roads but now forgotten to anything with dot registration. My favourite part is the endless whoops that scored a lowland, crossed an active rail line and tucked back into the woods. The expressions on the faces of people watching us stumble out of the woods was excellent. I'm sure we were the last sorta group to expect coming from there. A good deal of the ride is on rail trail, but it gets taxing riding up a slight slope. I had to quit the group about 20 mi from home, but after resting a lubing my chain, I was able to catch up again. Dust sure is a drag and mid ride lubes are like stopping for an ice cream, it really makes life great again. So once again with my new amigos we split quick and it was only Browning and myself. We both had the course him on a wahoo and myself on a garmin. I totally want a wahoo for heck it can see upcoming elevation shifts unlike garmin, and the top buttons are cool too. So we finished the ride together and did about 13mph average for the ride. Thanks so much to Salem for hosting the ride. Meeting everyone was a great experience, thanks for all the encouragement and words of wisdom even if I don't quite understand what everything means yet, I still had fun.

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    Fort Lee?
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    I think you will be ok bringing a knife to this gun fight. =]
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