2007 Iron Horse Yakuza Kumicho DH bike $475 obo.


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Pains me to do this but it's time. I bought this back when I first started riding and hated climbing. Figured my future lay in gravity games...but things have evolved. So.

It's a totally serviceable and complete bike. Has X7 drivetrain, E13 guide, Hayes 9 brakes, marzocchi bomber fork which looks pristine, Mavic rims, etc. Fairly standard DH setup and much of it looks stock. The only issue I know of is the shock mounting holes are slightly elongated but the prior owner shimmed them up. I've never ridden it except around the yard so no idea how it does DH. These bikes do seem to have a good reputation and it'd make a great first DH bike or a spare. A few times out and it would pay for itself in rental costs.

I paid $500 for it a year ago and it's sat in my basement. Needs to move. I am very, super, extremely flexible on price. Make me an offer! This is a big, burly, badass bike, designed to take a beating and laugh. Actually it's been a real troublemaker lately, calling the trail bikes punks, staying out late, sneaking in booze.:D And I think it's bowed the rafter it hangs on.:cry:
I have spare tubes, RD hangers, and a rear spring to go with.
It's listed as a Large but fits me at 5'10" fine.
Buy me!!!

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holy cow. I've never seen a floating brake that low

What is the rear shock?
Gtbrew is correct, 5th Element.

Y'all are making me think I should keep her now.;)

Honestly my camera somehow subtracted all the scuffs, but still a solid bike.:D

Oh, according to Bikepedia they make the Kumicho 06 and 07. It list the 06 as blue so I assumed red was 07.
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I will say it KEEP IT! At least take it once to go DHing. Tomorrow is a perfect day to do so as bunch of us will be there and it's the last weekend of the season.
Wow thats an extremely GREAT price , i would buy this off you in a heartbeat but i got a build coming along already.

If anyone is wondering what its capable of, well prob more capable of what you could put it thru. When i was riding at Creek w a buddy , he had the same bike and we blasted thru all of the trails from green to double black diamond , took jumps and drops with ease.. That floating brake is great too so you dont get any brake jack.. GL on the sale.


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Why not?

It's a DH bike...they all have battle scars

Yeah, what Matty says...
Since you guys asked... (and thanks, btw:))

Ok, it's been a year and I haven't been to Mtn Creek. It's been in the plans for a while now. I'm afraid that:
A: I'm going to love it and go all in. Gear, bikes, etc. Then I'll wind up poor(er) and divorced.
B: Hurt myself 'cause I really don't have an off switch. I'm not cautious, nor am I terribly slow downhill. But I'm getting too old for this shit.:D (imagine Danny Glover saying it. Works better).
C: I have two 130mm trail bikes, one with Flows, both with platforms. If I gotta scratch that itch, I could make do.

You guys buying any of this? It worked for me last night!

Oh, Matty, I work saturdays unfortunately. Sunday is my only day to really ride so I go early, then family time. So there's that. I'd love to go with you guys though.

aedubber, thanks for the props!
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