(2) Kona Shred 2-4, junior mountain bikes 24" wheels (Yes, two bikes!)

I’ve got two Kona Shred 2-4’s for sale. These are awesome, full-blown mountain bikes - 7005 Aluminum frame, 24" wheels, disc brakes, bash ring, suspension fork - with a geometry designed for your son or daughter. The 2009 (black/white) is a 2x driveline with mechanical discs, the 2012 (green) is 1x driveline with hydraulic discs. These bikes simply rock! Your kid can finally ride whatever you’re riding.

Both are in excellent shape and fully tuned-up for immediate riding. Asking $300/each. Below are the specification sheets for each bike, photos coming soon.

Both bikes can be viewed at Hippo Cross CX tomorrow, Oct. 13th. So come by and take them home!


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I guess kids just don’t shred anymore? Shouldn’t you be the parent to change this? These bikes will hang with your bike, and the junior rider will love having bike their own size. I’ve updated photos in the following posts, but a quick recap:

2009 Kona Shred 2-4: SB-8’s, 2x driveline, suspension fork, mechanical discs, clear bash ring, fast and light.
2012 Kona Shred 2-4: Highrollers, 1x driveline, suspension fork, hydraulic discs, alloy bash ring, perfect for a hard-charger (kid with BMX DNA).

Open to reasonable offers, especially for the pair. I'd like garage space back. They are both clean, adjusted, ready-to-roll.



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Any idea what these little things weigh? Looked online but couldnt find anything on weight.

That little BMX bike I bought off you last year has done wonders for my 8 year old’s riding, but boy it makes her little Trek mtb feel like a tank in comparison! curious if these Konas are any lighter....they look cooler for sure!
They weigh-in around 29lbs (using one of those hand-held, digital luggage scales). I think my kids were 9-10yo when they moved to these bikes. Coming from super-light BMX racers there really wasn't a weight penalty, since the Kona's were their size and offered a multispeed gearing advantage.