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  1. bonefishjake

    SOLD!!!! 2011 Specialized Dolce Sport 51.5 - Women's

    SOLDDDDDD!! 2011 Specialized Dolce Sport 51.5 - Women's Specific ASKING $450 Selling this for a friend, bike is located in BEAUTIFUL Morris County. Had it checked out by the guys over at Marty's in Randolph and the bike is sound. Given the component wear, they estimated it has seen *maybe*...
  2. bonefishjake

    WTB: Small 29er Frame or Complete: FULFILLED

    looking for something for my daughter so don't need FS or anything super bling. would prefer a frame but would buy a complete for the right price. let me know whatcha got. thanks!
  3. bonefishjake

    Biz Dev / Sales - Consumer Tech

    hey all, i'm in the market for a new job and figured i'd post up in here because with all the growth we've had on the site, one just never knows. i've been in Biz Dev / Sales for small Consumer Tech companies and Startups for about the last decade. i've worked with big brands and agencies...
  4. bonefishjake

    Fatbike + LBI

    Hey all- I'm heading down to LBI for a few days next week and want to bring the fatbike. Anyone have any experience riding the beaches there? Any restrictions on where to ride? Assuming the very south end by Holgate is off limits but anything else? Also, assuming even if I don't get the...
  5. bonefishjake

    2016 Trek Farley

    Figured I'd post this up in the event people (me, for example) weren't aware what Trek is up to for 2016 with the Farley. i'm 99.8% sure that I'm going to be buying the Farley 7- i just love that my first ever fat...
  6. bonefishjake

    UNTAPPD roll call

    are you on UNTAPPD? A friend of mine told me about this app last year and I've found it to be very useful on a few levels: 1. Discovering new beers 2. Finding out if that odd beer on the shelf is awesome or terrible 3. Remembering if you have already drank said...
  7. bonefishjake

    fatboy review

    i had a chance to ride a Fatboy over the last couple of days so i figured i'd toss my review in here. this was my second attempt at riding a fat bike. the first one, about a year ago on Thanksgiving, wasn't all that awesome. i was on a surly and the bike just felt absurd. i wanted to love...
  8. bonefishjake

    20" Girls MTBs

    peeps: i have three (three) girl's MTBs that i need to part ways with. sadly my girls (and my niece) have outgrown these and i'd love to see them go to a good, new home. perfect for about 5/6 - 8/9 years of age. Bike 1: Single Speed Giant Taffy i purchased this for my niece from a fellow...
  9. bonefishjake

    really, Outside Mag?

    check out #13. these guys may be idiots.
  10. bonefishjake

    Legacy MTBNJ Giant halfwheeler.

    don't miss your chance to own a beautiful Giant Halfwheeler owned by royalty: ben owned it. i bought it from ben. as you can see, it's got a deep, deep history spanning generations. i used it to get my girls riding a few years ago, got them going then hung it up and saved...
  11. bonefishjake

    congrats Honda Element people!

    you're the proud owners of the 10th most embarrassing box on wheels! but there is an upside. it's not a Nissan Cube. :D
  12. bonefishjake

    MapMyFitness is HIRING

    we actually have several spots open (if you're a developer and want to move to either Austin or Denver let me know) but the spot(s) that i'm looking for in particular are sales. here are the deets: -MUST have the following: digital ad experience, media experience, be passionate about...
  13. bonefishjake

    Cycling Bloodsport

    i had no idea this existed. of course it's in Japan.
  14. bonefishjake

    SSaP...where P =

    P. E. D. yes, P.E.D. performance enhancing drugs. i'm officially joining the ranks of lance and the rest of the peleton on the TDF as i train for the SSaP next month. the difference is that i'm telling you all i'm doing it. a philosophical question if there was a pill that would allow you...
  15. bonefishjake

    meat heads unite!

    maybe it's just me but holy hell is this funny. at some point we've all been to the gym. or belmar. the one about benching is pretty good too. NSFW due to language.
  16. bonefishjake

    Marty's Rep Night, 2013: The Mayans suck at dates edition!

    ok, i may have made that last part up... but not the Marty's Rep Night part!! when: FEB 12th SON where: rte 10 W, Randolph what time, stupid?: i don't know, just do what i do and hang out there all day until something happens...or like 7PM why, exactly? Come out and win stuff, see new...
  17. bonefishjake

    Bike wanted

    yo peeps- i'm helping a buddy of mine in his search for a decent bike. he just (finally!!) got a job after eight months of looking so he needs it to get to the train to get to NYC. some guidelines: -unless it's an mtb, it will be used solely for commuting so fender compatibility is...
  18. bonefishjake

    Patriots' Path Conditions

    We don't have one for PP so I figured I'd start it. The single section I rode yesterday in Chester between Furnace and Tanners Brook was a mess. Cleared a bunch of larger stuff off the first section then spend about 20 minutes dismantling a tree that had fallen across the old rail road...
  19. bonefishjake

    bontrager SSR wheelset

    good but used condition. straight and true. raced three times, never crashed. would make a great extra wheelset for cross or winter training. QR levers included. asking for money (around $100 american dollars) or trade for 29er disc wheel set.
  20. bonefishjake


    up for discussion: Lance Armstong's Statement of August 23, 2012 AUSTIN, Texas - August 23rd, 2012 - There comes a point in every man's life when he has to say, "Enough is enough." For me, that time is now. I...