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  1. JimN

    PSA on the Rain - and how to know how much it has rained everywhere

    I rode through it, it wasn't that bad. It's also dry there now :-P
  2. JimN

    Weekday Morning Rides

    My on call rotation at work changed, so I'm now on call 11am-11pm Monday through Friday, one week on, two weeks off. So the week that I'm on I'll be doing rides in the morning and just need to be home by 11ish. Always down for Wildcat, and could also meet you at Watnong.
  3. JimN

    Weekday Morning Rides

    I went there once but got lost. There were also too many rocks.
  4. JimN

    registering a car trailer in NY

    Caller ID is incredibly easy to spoof, so calling him back on the number he called from would do nothing. You want to google the main number for the NY state police and then call that and ask for the trooper.
  5. JimN

    2019 Chimney Rock Funday Monday

    Always bring your bike to work!
  6. JimN

    Wildcat TM 2019

    In for an hour and a half. Parking on Woods End Rd?
  7. JimN

    What beer are you drinking RIGHT NOW?

    Finally got the gazebo setup.
  8. JimN

    What beer are you drinking RIGHT NOW?

    This will surely help with productivity. Thanks @Patrick!
  9. JimN

    Favorite Tires for North NJ trails

  10. JimN

    Fun Fridays 2019

    Yeah we started from the boat launch and went around the reservoir. I'm on call all weekend, but I should be able to show you around next week. What days/times do you normally ride?
  11. JimN

    What are you watching now?

    Think we're gonna have to re-watch season 1 first.
  12. JimN

    Wildcat intermediate group ride: Thursdays!

    If you liked this trail, there's quite a bit more like it nearby that you would also like.
  13. JimN

    Wildcat intermediate group ride: Thursdays!

    That blue trail that follows the shoreline from Splitrock Rd to Charlottesburg Rd is really nice, although it got a bit messed up due to some fallen trees on the far end.
  14. JimN

    Chick fil a opened last week

    When you see the parking lot, it might be neither.
  15. JimN

    Wild Cat Wednesday!

  16. JimN

    Wild Cat Wednesday!

    Yeah, you're only supposed to ride down that trail, not up :-P
  17. JimN

    Ask Norm Next Tuesday

    Man, that's like, a pretty good idea.
  18. JimN

    Wild Cat Wednesday!

    Looks like it worked, it just wouldn't auto-complete his screen name for me.