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  1. JimN

    Free Electric Lawn Mower

    I have decided to fully embrace my laziness and pay someone to cut my grass for me. So now I have a lawn mower taking up space in my garage. My dad bought me this lawn mower when I moved to Parsippany 14 years ago. He paid $5 for it at a garage sale, and it was worth every penny. For 14...
  2. JimN

    Free bike and workout clothes

    I cleaned out my drawer of bike clothes and have stuff to get rid of. Let me know if you want any/all of this, otherwise it gets put in a good will box. Short sleeve jerseys, size small. I might have worn one of these once or twice, some still have tags on them: Medium jerseys. I probably...
  3. JimN

    Price for hitch installation

    My friend is looking to get a hitch installed on his mother-in-law's Mazda CX5 for a cross country road trip. He got a quote of $290 for the hitch and $450 for the labor to install it, which sounds ridiculous to me, but I have no idea how much these things cost. I assume his best bet is to buy...
  4. JimN

    Strava is spying on me

    If you use Strava, you've probably noticed that it recommends athletes that you should follow. Three show up on the main screen, and you can click "view all" to see a list of 20. For several weeks now, Strava has been telling me I should follow this dude Colin. I looked at the list of 20...
  5. JimN

    Free rusty old crap bike

    If anyone wants this old piece of crap bike, it's free for the taking. First dibs go to @C8N since his commuter bike is unlikely to last the week. This thing probably isn't worth the money to make rideable, but I figure someone around here might be silly enough to try.
  6. JimN

    I need someone that is not allergic to poison ivy

    I have two poison ivy vines growing out of the bushes in front of my house, and they are growing all over the front windows. It's also all over our small garden, which is prevneting my wife from getting the garden going. I need someone that is not allergic to poison ivy to come and remove it...
  7. JimN

    SRAM X0 10 speed long cage pulley and spring assembly

    So my rear derailleur shit the bed. It looks like it's a replaceable part, and I don't need a full replacement derailleur. I think this is the part I need: This is for my '16 Specialized Fatboy Comp...
  8. JimN

    HVAC Repair Recommendation

    So my A/C isn't really working very well. It's blowing air but the air isn't very cold. The fan outside runs 24/7. There is some freezing up happening on the hose to the fan unit outside, and also up in the attic on some of the pipes going into the main unit. I obviously know nothing about...
  9. JimN

    North Jersey Dirt Epics

    So a few months ago, I picked up the NY/NJ Trail Conference maps and started exploring some lesser known/ridden trails. A lot of this stuff is old dirt roads, powerlines, and ATV trails, and not much of a destination type of riding. However, they can be used to link together different parks...
  10. JimN

    New York State

    I'm going to be driving up to Cooperstown, NY for the weekend on Friday morning. I'm looking for some trails to hit on the way there and also on the way back on Sunday. It looks like there are some trails by SUNY Oneonta about 20 minutes away, but I'll probably hit those Saturday morning...
  11. JimN

    Network Operations Technicians

    Our NOC manager is looking to hire a few tech's. PM me or apply online if interested. We need more mountain bikers here...
  12. JimN

    Left Crank Arm

    My 2012 Salsa Horsethief came with a SRAM S1000 GXP crankset. I destroyed the left crank arm and need a replacement. It's a 175 mm crank, but it doesn't look like I can buy it anywhere online. Is there something compatible (maybe under the Truvativ brand) that I can buy to replace it? Or...
  13. JimN

    Software Engineer - Python/Javascript/Node.js

    The company I work for is looking to hire some additional software developers. We are a datacenter/ISP/managed hosting provider mainly catering to the NY/NJ area with three datacenters in Parsippany and Cedar Knolls. PM me questions and/or a resume if you are interested and think you are...
  14. JimN

    Fox 15QR Axle

    So I can't find the thru axle for my Horsethief. I'm assuming I drove off with it on the trunk of my car, although that's not really the kind of thing I usually do. It looks like JensonUSA is the only place that has them online, and they want $75 plus shipping. Anybody have an extra one...
  15. JimN

    Round Valley tomorrow

    I'm apparently gonna be down near RV tomorrow morning and plan to ride there around 11:30-12ish. Anyone is free to join if they are around. Bring your climbing legs and plenty of water.
  16. JimN

    MattyB Saves the Ride

    So I ran into Matt, Patty, and Katy out on the trail today, and tagged along with them for a while. This was a good choice, because thirty or so minutes later, my chain broke. This wouldn't be that big of a deal, except that I didn't have my extra links for some reason, and I couldn't find the...
  17. JimN

    Chris King Headset race

    Anybody got one so I don't have to wait for shipping on one? I need 1 1/8. I just need the race/baseplate.
  18. JimN

    54-56 Cross Bike Wanted

    So I sold my road bike and am looking to get a cross bike. I plan to give cross a try, and also have a bike to ride on the road during the non-cross season. Anyone have a used bike they are trying to get rid of in the $1000 or less range? I'm looking at the Fuji Cross Pro as an alternative...
  19. JimN

    Bike for my wife

    So my wife has expressed an interest in mountain biking. I want to get her a bike, but something more entry level. I don't envision her having that much time to ride, as she already has two horses that demand a fair amount of attention. She's 5' 4" which I would guess puts her on a small/15"...
  20. JimN

    Looking for an XXL old junk bike

    A friend of mine is trying to find a cheap bike, looking to just ride around the neighborhood for exercise. The problem is that he is a giant (6' 6"), so he would need an XL or XXL bike. Preferably, an old rigid mtb, or maybe a road bike with flat handlebars. He also doesn't want to spend...