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  1. VanDbtRiver

    wanted- rack for honda civic

    I am going down to the southland for my annual vacation. We are taking the wife's car this time and I was wondering if anyone had a rack for sale. Looking for something of the hitchmount variety, ideally something tray-like (yakima stick-up). A roof rack will work too although they seem a bit...
  2. VanDbtRiver

    Mig otb

    What is the link / thread to the MIG over the bars video? Can we make this a sticky? Sometimes after a hard day at work it is therapeutic to watch this like 10 times....jus sayin';)
  3. VanDbtRiver

    counter tops

    Has anyone purchased a counter top recently and have any advice? I am a bit stressed out with this particular part of the remodeling process 'cuz I can't build it out of wood:o
  4. VanDbtRiver

    philly beer week could be fun if there is a pre-ride at Wissahickon/Fairmont
  5. VanDbtRiver

    Mary fork

    I bent my mary cro-mo fork at the weld near the stearer tube. It's straight now without an offset... so it's done. If you factor this in with the cracked top tube of the Padrino, I am bikeless:(. Anyone have a rigid 29er fork they want sell me:o
  6. VanDbtRiver

    dt 240's

    does anyone have experience in upgrading their hub with the 36pt star ratchets? I am servicing mine in the near future and have to order misc. parts figured I may as well upgrade for quicker engagement while I'm at it.
  7. VanDbtRiver

    Saturday Thread

    Since I will miss the Friday AM rush @ Round V, I am looking to make it up on Saturday. I will go out on a limb and say 9 am at the cush lot. So if anyone is interested, maybe we can get a decent group together. I guess we will be looking at a moderate base building, social, laid back, hammer...
  8. VanDbtRiver

    best snow tire combo

    There are probably tons of threads on this topic somewhere but I just want to "keep it fresh" with a new one. For me, I have been on f & r ignitors, toro rear ignitor front,... annnd toro/mtn king combo (best so far). What's been workin' fer y'all? I have a panaracer rampage 29 that I want to...
  9. VanDbtRiver

    Carbon Fork upgrade

    Looking for a solid review and or any input as to the advantage/disadvantage of carbon over steel forks. I have been riding a Mary SS this winter and have been loving it. I have invested in numerous upgrades and at this point the only thing left to do is shed a couple pounds up front. I've been...
  10. VanDbtRiver


    I was given a few sample packets of n.o.-x recently. This product makes some bold claims according to the label... some of these claims sound as if they would be beneficial to cyclists. Does anyone have experience with it? I don't know if there are any questionable ingredients in it as it...
  11. VanDbtRiver

    Cycling lifestyle and the stuff you buy to support it

    Many products have been discussed/reviewed on this site in the past couple of years. We have talked about gels, cliff bars, hydration devices, and the infinate ammount of apparrel thats out there. All of these items contribute to our health, fitness, and ride quality in so many ways. I wanted to...
  12. VanDbtRiver

    Route out of S Plainfield

    With my recent acquisition of a road bike, I now have the dilemma of keeping rides interesting. I usually end up in Union county somewhere, which is unfamiliar to me. Along the way I rip thru Westfield terrorizing motorists and pedestrians... and that's...OK. I am looking for an easy way to get...
  13. VanDbtRiver

    long trail double IPA

    Long Trail double ipa (Brewmasters Series) awesome brew @ an awesome price $3.50/22oz. bomber. 8.6 abv
  14. VanDbtRiver


    anyone see lobster for less than $6.99/lb this weekend?
  15. VanDbtRiver

    gore ride on cables

    Thinking about doing these up before fair hill. Anyone have experience with them? How many months or seasons can you get on them before the friction sets in.
  16. VanDbtRiver

    My official first trip to the Plainfield Buy Rite

    I pulled up in the parking lot with my girl, dog, and muddy bike in the back. I turned to her and said "If I don't come out, don't send a search party". I entered the pearly gates and once inside my jaw dropped. Bombers of Nugget, Oak aged yeti, Belgians lining the whole back wall (40'...
  17. VanDbtRiver

    g-rock 106.3

    I have been a fan of this station since my early High School days. I was listening last night night and they were playing that "boots wit the fur" song. I said to myself, "that's cool they are playing absolute bullshit just to be funny." So i was researching this AM to find out that they changed...
  18. VanDbtRiver

    6 mile run lost & found.... set of keys

    I found a needle in the haystack set of keys in the 27 lot this AM. Jeep car key with misc grocery store key tags including a South Bruns. library card tag. There isnt a bottle opener on the ring, so there is a chance that they don't belong to to a MTBNJ'er;)
  19. VanDbtRiver


    I am prob spending the weekend in the Philly area and looking for a group ride at Fairmont/Wiss Park, anyone going to be in the area or have advice? Oh yeah, riding sunday AM, early, 7-8.
  20. VanDbtRiver

    La Ruta

    11/12-15/08, a rather momentous mtb event. i have'nt heard of any locals participating. anyone,...anyone,...?