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  1. pooriggy

    Thursday Nights at Chimney Rock

    Yes, heading North for a wknd of riding the Kingdom of Dingdom.
  2. pooriggy

    Lucky's Revenge Endurance Race Aug 17, 2019

    No thoughts, just do.
  3. pooriggy

    Thursday Nights at Chimney Rock

    I've been lame, still nursing my rib, it only hurts when I use it. I'm slowly feeling better but gonna pass on this Thursday and save my energy and rib for VT. Why aren't u coming to KT with us?
  4. pooriggy

    What’s a race?

    Looking at the data, one can't deny the fact that when they changed the name of Sport class to Cat 2 and started making wider handlebars and better suspension forks the numbers at races declined. I think it's crystal clear that if we just go back to 2011 standards the numbers will come back.
  5. pooriggy

    Slipping Saddle

    Let @Norm use your bike for several weeks, anything held together with bolt threads will never slide again.
  6. pooriggy

    What’s a race?

    Dave, I like hanging with you/riding with you, but based on your posts in this thread, a discussion on how to improve numbers at races would not be productive;)
  7. pooriggy

    What’s a race?

    Dave, racing categories did not kill SSing Racing categories will not create an upswing in racers. Give this a rest for fucks sake, you beat this drum last year. All you do is whine about the lack of numbers at races. MTB racing is down trending, I feel a constructive discussion to change...
  8. pooriggy

    Things that make you smile :)

    I used to go to the Great Swamp when I wanted to do an FTP. I'd hit one stop sign but other then that I could get in 20 min. Aren't there long stretches of road west of you that you could get 20 min on? Once you find such a road, I like to stick with it so I can replicate ftp test at a later...
  9. pooriggy

    15% off (most) everything on eBay. Today only.

    Clicked thread for 15% off, I'm out.
  10. pooriggy

    Rothrock TrailMix - Canceled

    Cycling is increasing in popularity but not the racing end of it. This is a good article to understand over view of fitness trends. Page 9 had an interesting finding as it pertains to cycling and what folks are looking for -Being outdoors, away from the regular demands of work and family...
  11. pooriggy

    2017 Grass & Yardwork Thread

    Yes, follow directions, i think they usually state to put out material when lawn is wet, like a morning dew, so the granules stick to vegetation/weeds.
  12. pooriggy

    Rothrock TrailMix - Canceled

    It's one course 40 mile course, you enter in cx cat or mtb cat. Also its point A to B and your responsible for your own ride back. 5 hr. Cut off time for 40 miles. Not a bad place to hang out for a wknd. @Magic 50-59 are at a point in there life that they know how to have fun and have the...
  13. pooriggy

    Rothrock TrailMix - Canceled

    I recall you saying MASS is a better product, that's why they get bigger numbers. Let me over simplify too. The biggest numbers these days are coming from Events, not Races. You can race HOH or ride it, no one cares, you can race Rasputitsa(@seanrunnette can you provide a vocal link on how to...
  14. pooriggy

    Price drop—/Fox Stepcast SC32 100mm 51mm offset Kashima.

    Too plush for me although I would consider lease with option to buy.
  15. pooriggy

    New Member, Looking for Beginner Trails

    The mall parking lot.
  16. pooriggy

    Thursday Nights at Chimney Rock

    I'm gonna say it's probably too wet, borderline at best. I jacked my side ribs at Stewart race going otb. This is a good excuse for a rest week.
  17. pooriggy

    Things that I find interesting

    Wow, how prophetic.