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    15% off (most) everything on eBay. Today only.

    Need to use the app but it's legit. I just saved $20 on a pair of hiking boots.
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    What should a “tune up” entail?

    For you shop keeps and mechanics ... Let’s say a customer brings a high end bike into your shop. You offer a “basic” tune up for a dual suspension MTB. What would be included in this and around how much would you charge?
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    Road Bike $500-$800 Range

    Anyone have a 56-58cm bike that’s collecting dust and needs a good home? I need something to train on and commute to work. Funds are tight so $800 is a streeeetch but if it’s a killer deal... PM me if you want to make some quick cash. Thank you! _ Antonio
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    Anyone ridden Gooseberry Mesa or Thunder Mtn?

    Just booked my summer family vacation to Utah. We’ll be in Springdale. I plan to sneak away for a ride one day. Was thinking Gooseberry or Thunder Mtn. Need advice and insight please...
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    Be Merry And Enjoy The Ride

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    Christmas is coming. Advice on GPS tracker? (Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!)

    I've been usuing my iPhone and Strava to track my rides. My stats are very inaccurate. Looking to get a proper bike computer and need advice. Mostly I like to know how far I've gone, what my average pace is and how many feet I've climbed. Turn by turn directions sounds like something I’d...
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    Exustar Winter Shoes / 44

    Worn once inside my house. Messed up and bought a size too small. These are EU size 44 and fit like a size US 10. I paid $90. $30 for whoever wants to come get them. I’m in West Nyack, NY.
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    Just watched ICAЯUS on Netflix ...

    O.M.G. Captivating would be an understatement. Speechless o_O
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    Need R wheel recommendation.

    I'm currently running a DT Swiss XM401. It's way too flexy for me. Can anyone recommend a solid rear wheel that's not too heavy but also doesn't cost $600+ for a single wheel? Thanks.
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    Question about sag...

    Got my shock back from Cane Creek today and mounted it on the bike. I've always set the sag initially a little higher than where I want it. I do this to compensate for the 3-5 lbs of clothing and gear I wear on my rides. Is that what y'all are doing? Edit: Cane Creek manual says... Sag...
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    5th Annual Skyline Shuttle / Sunday Sept. 9th

    The annual TOS shuttle is a point-to-point XC ride that starts at the Top of Skyline Drive in Oakland, NJ. We work our way across the Ramapo/Ringwood trail into Ringwood State Park, where we hit many of the best stuff. This is a one-way ride. We leave cars on Sterling Mine Rd (see GPS below)...
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    Sterling Forest - Sunday, July 22nd @ 10:00am

    Meet us at South Gate Trailhead this Sunday (GPS: 41.176653, -74.227103). The plan is 2 loops, one in each directions. Intermediate pace for ~14 miles. Wheels down at 10:00am sharp. Who's in?
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    Fishing and MTBing

    Has this been discussed? Anyone carry a pole with them on a ride and gone fishing at some remote lake or pond that's only accessible by bike or hike? I've had my eye on a few ponds in Ringwood and finally pulled the trigger on a telescoping pole. I may give it a go tomorrow.
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    Group ride to Waywayanda July 4th?

    Who's up for a morning ride before it gets too hot? Thinking 9:00am Wednesday...
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    Take a look! Vermont MTB Discount Trip

    Take a trip to Killington, VT and ride awesome trails! A buddy of mine owns Turn of the River Lodge and is offering everyone a 50% discount if you book at least 2 nights on the weekend of Jun 28 - Jul 1. The summer room rates are pretty low so this additional 50% off is a super deal. Check...
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    How easy/hard are the trails to navigate? I might have to go to that part of Jersey tomorrow and was thinking of bringing my bike. Is there a long loop that I could follow?
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    Sunday, May 20th - Ringwood Retro Ride.

    Join me this Sunday as I hit some old-school Ringwood classics like 6-Bridges, Cats Nest, School House and more! Fun intermediate paced ride for 2-3 hours. There will be a few bail-out sections should anyone need to end early. Meet at 9:30am in Parking Lot C (GPS: 41.119136, -74.239088).
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    Ringwood Sunday, April 22nd

    We're starting at the bottom and working our way up. Ride will be at a modest (early season) pace and approx. 3 hours. Wheels down at 9:45am here... GPS: 41.137744, -74.254153
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    Sunday Snow Day?

    Might be premature but if we get hit with the 10+ inches they're predicting on Wednesday, I think Sunday will be a killer Fat bike day. Any takers for Ringwood around 10am?