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  1. mattybfat

    Mayhem Recap

    Dont worry cross is coming 😉
  2. mattybfat

    Things that make you frown :(

    Bummer, sorry for your family's loss
  3. mattybfat

    Thank You all 4 Nica build for girlwonder

    Thank you and my Laura thanks you. Some generous folks on here and one extremely generous person who is a blessed soul. @pedals Ti bike was pulled from the rafters to live again! Laura asked to take a spin and she disappeared, I guess she likes it...
  4. mattybfat

    The Most Useless Thread on MTBNJ

    See every so often you get a nice surprise Hello Rob
  5. mattybfat

    Carpenter to replace wood window sills in Rumson

    Lol Silly people who pay for overpriced garbage windows, sorry @SmooveP 😁 had to say that. Rumson is in like Maryland correct?
  6. mattybfat

    2018-19 Ski /Snow Board Season

    This is what used in past when I did a bunch of spring ski Seems that the pre season tune up wax becomes worn down esp with east coast ice. This makes for a good spring surface. Prep tune up before storage for next...
  7. mattybfat

    2018-19 Ski /Snow Board Season

  8. mattybfat

    Santa Cruz Megatower

    @Ian F you have a serious problem Not that I would hold an intervention for but one where you need to get all these frames built!
  9. mattybfat

    NEMBAfest or Canaan MTB Fest?

    If you want some Nostalgia
  10. mattybfat

    Santa Cruz Megatower

    Then it's time for a new one...
  11. mattybfat

    Santa Cruz Megatower

    And for your viewing pleasure
  12. mattybfat

    Santa Cruz Megatower

  13. mattybfat

    2018-19 Ski /Snow Board Season

    This^ KTM Rich says they just got 24" dump which means spring skiing just got much betterer. T shirt and sunglasses skiing is getting started soon.
  14. mattybfat

    What are the chances somebody has a 1Up rack for sale?

    I have 2 NIB in white color 😁
  15. mattybfat

    What tires should i buy?

    Being that a sponsor of ours is Schawble, I am gonna go out on a limb and say every bike you own should have Schawble tires... #1 recommended tire by team MTBNJ 😁
  16. mattybfat

    Rakes > Blowers

    Well I guess I am not since lost in space series have I stuck. That futureman on hulu has my locked in. But i digress because its stupider then sci-fi and even more stupider then lost in space.
  17. mattybfat

    Rakes > Blowers

  18. mattybfat

    Need to replace spoke nipples, what else should I replace on the wheel?

    Christ this is easy New bike...
  19. mattybfat

    What are the chances somebody has a 1Up rack for sale?

    The wife likes it better just for the tilt feature alone. Its definitely well made and rock solid in the hitch.
  20. mattybfat

    What are the chances somebody has a 1Up rack for sale?

    Take a look. When we lost our one up, I ended up with this. It's a really nicely made functions well, fits any tire size and bought double off rackattack for 3bills.