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  1. ChrisG

    James Pearl Thinks Blogging is Dead

    I'd say this is the one show that has been enthusiastically recommended to me, more than any other, in the last few years. Perhaps one of these days I'll make the time to start watching it.
  2. ChrisG


    Wait- Mitchell broke his bike?!? This must be a staged photo.
  3. ChrisG

    Strictly METAL

    Absolutely killer bill. Would be going if not for being out in Cleveland, riding Ray's all weekend.
  4. ChrisG

    Strictly METAL

    Uada grabbed me in 2016 with their first record, Devoid of Light, and hit even harder in 2018 with Cult of a Dying Sun. I'm stoked on the current crop of American bands that are taking up the sound of 2nd wave Scandinavian black metal and carrying it forward into the 21st century. These guys...
  5. ChrisG

    Do you ever think about moving out of state?

    I know that region quite well. My entire family is from the Wilkes-Barre area. Having a small place on a quiet PA lake is the stuff of my dreams. Would be stoked if we end up in your neighborhood (again).
  6. ChrisG

    Do you ever think about moving out of state?

    Mrs. G and I find ourselves increasingly discussing this. I can retire 3 years from this coming June. Realistically, I see it happening in 5 years. At that point, getting out of NJ will become a legitimate priority, financially, as my pension will be our primary source of income, and I want...
  7. ChrisG

    Hartshorne/Huber Conditions

    Was wondering about this place myself for this afternoon. Will probably hit the road, unless we get a solid report that the ground conditions have tightened up.
  8. ChrisG

    Strictly METAL

    Speaking of Yob and upcoming gigs, my head exploded when this was posted.
  9. ChrisG

    Strictly METAL

    Continuing my Favorites of 2018 with a band that's also one of my very long-term favorites: Yob, Our Raw Heart. This band has been putting out their unique mixture of heavy elements for decades now, and 2018 saw them returning from the near-death of band leader Mike Scheidt to release...
  10. ChrisG

    Looking For GTI Advice

    Yes, the 24 valve VR6 in the Eurovan is the same basic motor that came in the Gen 3 GTI. They began as 12 valve, then the later variants moved to 24 valve. The Gen 3 GTI motors were 2.8 liter, but that motor has been increased to as large as 3.6 liters for other applications. I had one of...
  11. ChrisG

    Santa Cruz Chameleon Carbon

    This adds a little more fuel to my infatuation for building a rowdier SS one of these days.
  12. ChrisG

    Looking For GTI Advice

    I have a 2014 Wolfsburg GTI (last of the Gen 6) that I've been super happy with. It's at 95,000 miles and 4 payments remaining, and I'd been thinking all along that I'd keep it another year or two, but I made the mistake of looking at the 2019 Rabbit edition (thanks to @Carson bringing it to my...
  13. ChrisG


    We called those shorts Booty Huggers when I was coaching HS ball in the late 80'/early 90's.
  14. ChrisG


    I was an assistant coach for the boys team at South River HS (Deon Jackson era) when Eibler was playing at Spotswood, so I remember him well. I taught Angelo's younger brother in the late 90's. And yes, I've had both of Dadika's children in class. His daughter is in my 12th grade Honors class...
  15. ChrisG

    Transition Rapture Frame w/ENVE Fork LARGE

    "Large", which is 56-57cm-ish. This bike totally caught my attention when it was offered in the Paceline classifieds, but I don't currently have the wherewithal to do anything with it.
  16. ChrisG

    Strictly METAL

    I was out of town that day, otherwise I'd have been at this gig for sure.
  17. ChrisG

    Strictly METAL

    It's been on my mind for a while to resurrect this discussion. Well, it's 2019, and in the nearly 4 years since we last got together here, I've continued to consume new music pertinent to this thread. I'm gonna try to put stuff up here once a week, be it something new that I'm digging, or a...
  18. ChrisG

    Frost woods East Brunswick

    I rode here a lot from 1992 through the early 2000’s. I work .5 mile away, and it was great for squeezing in an hour or so before it got dark out in the winter. I’ve been thinking of going in there and seeing how it’s looking these days, so thanks for the update.
  19. ChrisG

    Gravel Grinder - Road Bike search.

    I've got no bike suggestions to add for the OP, but in the interest of conversation, I'll add that this whole "gravel bike" thing has been a non-issue for me until recently. My gravel bike has been my road bike with 25's, as per @Commissioner of Nostradamus Rankings . However, I finally broke...
  20. ChrisG

    Car-spotting thread

    That thing is bonkers. I like how they had to extend the hood cutout to accommodate the alternator.