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  • Mike Sullivan gave me your info, please see below (posted in the wanted section as well)

    Wanted - Boys Bicycles - donations

    A few of my daughters classmates homes were destroyed in the gas explosion in Ewing on Tuesday. They lost pretty much everything. Looking to see if anyone has any bikes for 5-6 year old boys laying around that could be put to good use. Please let me know.
    Hey Kerri,
    It looks like there are a ton of commercial products available as far as lugs go and they are cheap! so depending on tube sizes and the geometry you want that may be the way to go. but if you want to make something "out of the ordinary" we'll just have to put some real time into it.

    What might be the best of both worlds is, if we can find some blanks and custom contour them :-)
    I found these in a quick search

    Cool stuff!

    Hi Kerri,
    Doing well here, I hope you are the same.
    I'd be up to the challenge of making some lugs. We just have to figure out the geometry and such.
    I could stop down one day and see what's up....
    BTW, do you have any MTB Tandems laying around? My wife and I were thinking about giving it a try :-)
    Hi Kerri,
    I stopped in to Second Life Bikes today at lunch to check out the scene. It's even more awesome than I expected :-)
    As I mentioned earlier, I'm happy to offer my machinist services if the need ever arises.....broken bolts, damaged threads or even custom parts for bikes and/or equipment. I am also looking forward to donating some time to help out.
    See ya soon,

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