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    New Invasive Species of Tick concentrated in NJ

    I looked into that awhile back. The store near me only had petroleum based products. Is there a water based application?
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    Ask Norm Tuesday - 5/12

    Dokken and Ratt fan
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    Jim's training thread

    Beast!!!! They could pull out the secret control a bit more.
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    The Most Useless Thread on MTBNJ

    Going oLe SkOol
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    Shimano XT 10 Speed

    Oh hey
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    Moving to NJ.... Where to live???

    My parents moved to Skillman in '93 and it was much nicer then imo. But wasn't voted #1 town in NJ. Just sayin.
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    2018 Cdale slate XL

    If you can convince him to give away this POS. I will be in your area in about an hour. Let me know
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    Welcome back: Hillier Than Thou!

    Going to have snow peaks too.
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    2019 unPAved

    Leave that for the 10 hour a week guys. I figure I should complete the 90 miler in about 12 hours.
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    Shimano XT 10 Speed

    10 Speed I’m in search of Shimano XT rear shifter and derailleur. So if you happen to have either sitting around and willing to part with them,nonessential pm me. -Spencer
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    Stolen Bike

    he prolly doesnt even know what he stole Bummer
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    No one's perfect, I'll lead this parade...

    It’s not a sovereign remedy but I really like the way my back responds to consistent inversion. I picked up a Teeter for 100 bucks on CL. It also helps in flushing blood out of the legs post ride. I have to say I sleep pretty well. But if you’re looking for deep insight on sleep then Satchin...
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    Jim's training thread

    When you got it like that. Let it roll!!
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    OOS Post away!

    Sounds like me 10 yrs ago
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    Lenosky stolen bikes alert

    Reeb is going international. Tijuana here we come. Sucks but its not losing a child either.