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    New here... saying' hello

    Where is the new trail at Eco?
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    Salsa El Mariachi - Industry Nine - XT 11spd $1100

    Johnny Utah is a goddamn used bike salesman. This just keeps getting better and better.
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    Nassau Trail conditions

    My bad. I didn't realize there was more than one caravan. I helped one of them earlier and they were speaking non-English. Anyway, was it your group letting out shrieks of glee? It's how I knew somebody was coming up on the trail lol.
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    Nassau Trail conditions

    I was on the black Spesh with gumwall tires and wearing full face helmet. The only group I remember seeing was like 4-5 Eastern Europeans and an Asian dude.
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    Nassau Trail conditions

    Never seen the parking lot so full before. This is supposed to be my goto to avoid 6MR traffic on the weekends lol Anyway there's a downed 4" tree at head level around one of the corners on La Primera. So heads up.
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    Chimney Rock Conditions

    Where about are those bees at CR?
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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    Jacques to Nica to orange to 27 is mostly hero with a handful of puddles that are too big to avoid.
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    Out of Shape Group Rides - Take me to your park!

    Any suggestions on where to ride in the AM? Willing to travel.
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    Break-ins at Newmans Lane

    Saw this yesterday and heavily contemplated parking at Nordstrom Rack this morning and riding up to the ball fields.
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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    It's past the long boardwalk on blue heading towards 27 after the descent to a sharp left between a big cut log.
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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    Is that a new bridge?
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    road drop bars, mtb flat bars

    What bars are on the JTS now?
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    Elbow Pads that Protect Forearm?

    I have the original version of the Alps. It's since been updated to a new version.
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    Elbow Pads that Protect Forearm?

    I have those TLD pads and they kept slipping. Picked up a pair of Alpine Stars and never looked back. I should probably put the 5550s up for sale when I get out of here. EDIT: I just realized I already posted in this thread a long time ago with basically the same info lol
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    Going to MCBP in a few weeks, should I be scared?

    I've never been. Is the gondola the only way up? Can't stand that 15 minute long ride.