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  • hey Jim, great meeting you today at Hb...i took your advice and used packing tape to patch up my busted iPhone and it seems like it's going to work just fine...thanks! also thanks for the advice on dropping the front derailleur...i will definitely give it a shot!
    Jim, I can't thank you enough for all your hard work on my bike, the time and effort you have put into this troublesome machine is greatly appreciated... thanks to you I will be enjoying my turtle paced riding again!!! I look forward to breaking more components and visiting your shop again
    Jim, I wanted to say thanks for the advice you gave me yesterday at Chimney Rock about my fat tires and getting them seat easily. I got it done in under 30 minutes both tires! Thanks so much!!!!!! Alex E Rodriguez
    Happy Birthday Jim! Make this the best one ever!!!
    Ed and Pat Gifford
    the Snot Rocket tandem
    Jim, Thanks for the speedy reply. Good luck with the race and let me know if you change your mind about opening up additional spots or if anyone wants to transfer a spot. This is a cool idea! Cheers, Bill Romollino
    Happy birthday sir! Many more to come! We hope a fat tire bike ride fits in your day.
    All the best,
    Ed and Pat Gifford
    the Snot Rocket tandem
    Happy Birthday!!!

    I know we've never met, but you seem like one of the good guys.

    All the best on your day.

    hi Jim! my name is manrique, u don't know me but since u are with the high gear cyclery i was wondering if, well i'd been working on this trial that is located behind the summit public pool, it has some jumps and stuff related, but there is still work to be done there, i know it'd be a good idea to built some dirt jumps or a pump track in this area, it would be something good for the shop too, selling bikes, parts and fixing them, i'm going to sent message to the president of jorba concerning this, well is just an idea of mine, i know i is a long process to get things done the right way, but i'm just trying to get more people into this sport that we love, i hope to hear back from u, if u think this is just a stupid idea it's ok just tell me that, well thank u for your time!!!

    We're planning on meeting at noon. I will be there a little earlier as will Mike. Thanks!!

    Kris weber here, from Team Bulldog. I may be available for course setup on Friday. What is time frame ? Let me know, I also crossed posted your message for volunteers onto our internal forum.
    I did Washington rock rd.. Any bigger hill than that I wouldnt be able to do yet. Whats a good road thats a little bit easier or equal to washington rock?
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