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    Hitch bike rack?

    I'm looking for a new rack also, but only a 1 or 2 bike Rack. I was looking at the 1up and also the RockyMount monorail. I also had the concern about the friction fit on the 1up. Having owned both, how do you feel the Rockymount stacks up to the 1up. Thx Frank
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    Air Travel with a bicycle

    I like the looks of that Post case, and the price. JetBlue had also increased their Bike fees earlier this year so all the more incentive to get one.
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    Orthopedic, knee doctors

    Sent you a message with the name of a Doc that My wife and I both used and are quite happy with.
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    Your In-Car Gear Bag

    Been considering something different from my cheap duffle, maybe something like these.
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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    LOL, I was cautiously optimistic someone might have given it a "good to go" at the time. As far as the geological analysis etc, it's all good.
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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    me also, but waiting for a report.
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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    any idea if Six mile is ok for early afternoon today Thx
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    Garage Clean Out FS: Thomson, Campy, Ultegra cx crank, shimano shoes

    i'll take the Thomson 27.2 setback post, if the first person in line decides not to.
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    Lemond Buenos Aires - Carbon Fiber - Road - Racing bike $550.00

    Lemond Buenos Aires carbon Fiber 55cm - Pics below Full Triomphe Carbon Fiber frame (950gr), Shimano Ultegra, 105, 20 speed drivetrain 2x10 Excellent handling characteristics. Comfortable and compliant frame, Bike is in excellent condition. One minor chip in paint on top tube, Standard English...
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    Wanted - 10 Speed Road group (SRAM or Shimano)

    Looking to build up a frame I recently bought. Seeking a 10 speed 2x10 . Preference is for Compact crank and Threaded BB , either Shimano or Sram, but open to non compact also.
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    Allaire Conditions

    Any idea how the trails will be tomorrow?
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    Watchung Reservation

    It's Illegal ap Article 4 as goodvibe posted above. Read Section G it's specific G. Operation in designated areas. No person shall operate a bicycle on a roadway, except as a thoroughfare, and no person shall operate a bicycle upon any sidewalk, footpath, footbridge, or bridle path, except...
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    Watchung Reservation

    I expect these signs will start appearing at the other access point to the park, if they haven't already.
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    SOLD - Lemond Zurich - Carbon Frame – 59cm Full Shimano Ultegra

    bump, price reduced. Some tall person want a road bike