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    Tourne County Park Conditions

    all i've heard is that there are a bunch of trees down on White.
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    SOLD!!!! 2011 Specialized Dolce Sport 51.5 - Women's

    SOLDDDDDD!! 2011 Specialized Dolce Sport 51.5 - Women's Specific ASKING $450 Selling this for a friend, bike is located in BEAUTIFUL Morris County. Had it checked out by the guys over at Marty's in Randolph and the bike is sound. Given the component wear, they estimated it has seen *maybe*...
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    Two things that suck this winter(there are others but these bother me).

    i hate reading things like this. the level of gratitude that i have to those that put their lives on the line so i can ride bikes without a care in the world is indescribable. i can't even imagine what your brother went though with that explosion and the PTSD. without going too deep here, i...
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    N+1: I can't make up my mind

    100% agree.
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    N+1: I can't make up my mind

    buy the bike, sell a child. i'm super time-cruched pretty much ALL THE TIME so i take what i can get which means riding the trails that are like 5/10 minutes from whichever location i am currently at. so that means either Dickerson Mine or the Tourne. Wildcat is almost the exact same distance...
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    Dickerson Mine Preserve Conditions

    Tried to ride it this am. It’s a luge track. So unless you have a luge, a dope ass sled, or a burning desire to join Redbull Crashed Ice, stay away.
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    James Pearl Thinks Blogging is Dead

    oh sweet! this thing is still on! and wow, we upgraded! huh. how about that.
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    discuss electric bikes

    This is 100% the new Winter Shoes Thread.
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    The Most Useless Thread on MTBNJ

    this is clearly the next trend in cycling. everyone needs the ability to push up to ten inches.
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    Need help with stuck seatpost

    yah, those things have to be removed and hit with a light coat of lube every so often or they just oxidize. if not, that's when things get REALLY ugly.
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    Need help with stuck seatpost

    i had this EXACT problem with a seized aluminum seat post in my old steel trek. tried big pipe wrench, PB, and every thing i could think of. none of them individually solved it. eventually i used a combo of heat, a sawzall, and BFH to remove it. good luck man.
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    best Strava comment thread of all time?

    read the whole thing and commented. this is simply too glorious not to enjoy to the fullest.
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    I have no idea how to build mouse traps, but I can figure it out.

    how the hell did i get dragged into this @pearl? seriously though, if you want to bounce ideas off me or have any questions feel free to ping me. i started asking questions here in town and next thing i know i'm running the trails committee and voted to the open space committee. one thing i...
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    Denville Trails Master Plan Survey.

    @bill-now serious question: are there trails in Denville i'm not aware of? Do you consider the Tourne to be part of Denville?