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    No more shorts?

    Let me put an end to this: 1. Welcome. Winter MTB is probably my favorite. I basically abandoned the road this year during cold months. Whatever. 1a. I think the winter shoes thread has been scrubbed. Just get Lakes. 2. Taylor Ham 3. Sub 4. There is no Central NJ
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    BMX Discussion

    It will be a cold day in HELL before I take a spray can to my glorious chrome.
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    BMX Discussion

    Yah, totally agree. He’ll jump anything on his XC bike so it will be interesting to see what the change in geometry does. Personally I want to get into some flowwwwwwwwwwwwww
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    BMX Discussion

    Thanks for all the info all. Seems like there are some great options out there, even if I have to drive. Are these places open during the winter? Assuming weather pending? Also - Mtb helmet ok or should I get something else? I already wear vans. 😁 @walter - we have to pull this together at...
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    BMX Discussion

    I got Kinks. A Launch for the boy and a Gap for me. It reminds me of the old skool mongooses.
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    BMX Discussion

    Damn. Yeah, there’s a small park In Randolph but it’s more skate than anything else, and I’m only looking to get MOSTLY hurt, not all hurt. There’s a big difference.
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    BMX Discussion

    I thought they closed this? I’m actually on my town’s Open Space Committee and I proposed a pump track. The lead likes the idea but it’s still SUPER EARLY in the process.
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    BMX Discussion

    Not sure where to post this so it goes here...AND searching for BMX is like trying to find a thread about Heythorp and Winter Shoes. Or the great Avatar Wars. Anyway.. Just picked up BMX bikes for my son and I and looking for some places to hit up. I’ve done some searching but haven’t come...
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    1983 Jeep Scrambler CJ8

    Please, please don’t torture me with Scramblers. ☹️
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    Official: 2018-2019 Fantasy Football League Thread - Utah wins the cup, still thinks oobaa47 is Timothy McVeigh

    no, it is not. @Fogerson gave me the most glorious of passwords...
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    Trail Map

    Who dis @Shaggz guy??
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    looking for suggestions for a rack to hold a backpack pannier (also known as - help my sweaty back!)

    My daughter would kill me in my sleep if i took that rack off!!
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    Tourne County Park Conditions

    all i've heard is that there are a bunch of trees down on White.