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    Anyone ridden Gooseberry Mesa or Thunder Mtn?

    Wow, 1000% the rim? Now you’ve got my attention. I’m looking for rugged singletrack; intermediate to advanced stuff. I’d love to ride a trail that traverses all different parts of Utah’s terrain. Are you saying the hurricane rim trail can deliver more of that than gooseberry Mesa?
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    Anyone ridden Gooseberry Mesa or Thunder Mtn?

    Just booked my summer family vacation to Utah. We’ll be in Springdale. I plan to sneak away for a ride one day. Was thinking Gooseberry or Thunder Mtn. Need advice and insight please...
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    Weekend, is that secret code for RAIN?

    For sure. I took the family hiking yesterday at Sterling Forest. Plenty of ruts and tire tracks on the trails. We did manage to scope out some new alternate lines that I’m looking forward to ride when things dry out.
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    Fatbikes of NJ Gallery

    It was wet and slow going but enjoyable with 4.8" tires. :) You should be okay on a regular bike tomorrow. There are a few spots that are just complete shit. Unfortunately they will remain that way until the sections are re-routed or bog bridges are built over them (all of which are on the...
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    Fatbikes of NJ Gallery

    Yesterday at Sterling State Forest in Tuxedo, NY.
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    Is it too much to ask for a little serenity, people?

    Maybe the douchetastic is doing it all for the nookie? Either way it’s annoying AF. At least you can ride off or let said douche continue on so you can enjoy the sound of amphibians and not Fred Durst. Unlike when you’re on a crowded train and some stupid MFer decides its okay to play Cardi...
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    What are the top trail issues in NJ from a MTB point of view?

    It's always the same ... the lack of signage and trail markers throughout NJ parks is ridiculous, frustrating and annoying. Good way to keep new folks from joining the tribe. And before you counter with, "That's a good thing!" remember that there is strength in numbers.
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    Be Merry And Enjoy The Ride

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    What have you done to your bike today?

    I rode it.
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    Post Your KOM or Your Bragging Right here

    Hey I'm 4th! ....what is this again?
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    Post Your KOM or Your Bragging Right here

    KOM booger from right nostril. (Disclaimer: I pulled this from the internet, not my actual nose)
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    Red Bull XC had more viewers than Downhill

    Did someone say chip? These are delicious.
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    Red Bull XC had more viewers than Downhill

    That's cause DHers are out riding instead of watching Red Bull TV.
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    Post your BooBoo's

    Deep in the woods of Trumbull, CT.
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    What's with all the bad self-portrait avatars all of a sudden?

    That’s weird. I didn’t notice?