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    Exustar Winter Shoes / 44

    Worn once inside my house. Messed up and bought a size too small. These are EU size 44 and fit like a size US 10. I paid $70. $30 for whoever wants to come get them. I’m in West Nyack, NY.
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    Just watched ICAЯUS on Netflix ...

    O.M.G. Captivating would be an understatement. Speechless o_O
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    What to do about unleashed dogs

    Your first mistake is riding Ramapo. There are way too many casual hikers and locals who take their dogs there. In 25 years I’ve had maybe 3 instances on a trail where a dog behaved badly. Ride somewhere else if it’s happening often.
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    So I built a manual machine..

    Dibs on the pushcart frame! :p
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    Your next bike just got a lot more expensive

    Oh, I thought you were talking about welfare. Y'know, the type many white Americans in rural parts of middle America rely on to feed their families. ...I'm done. :rolleyes:
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    Your next bike just got a lot more expensive

    I guess you prefer our country look like this...
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    Minnewaska / Mohonk Help

    Ask the mountain house if they have mountain bike trails on their property. I was there a few weeks ago hiking the Labyrinth to Lemon Squeeze (I highly recommend you check it out.) and on our way out of the resort I saw a trail leading into the woods. I’m curious if my eyes just wanted to...
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    Need R wheel recommendation.

    Am I correct to assume a wider rim will increase the tire profile? Stan's Flow MK3 are nice but at 32mm wide I'm afraid the rim will be too wide to fit a 2.5 in my frame. I have minimal clearance now for a 2.5 tire with my current 27mm XM401.
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    Need R wheel recommendation.

    Side question for wheel builders: will brass nipples make for a stiffer wheel over alloy?
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    Need R wheel recommendation.

    I'm 200 lbs. I ride aggressively on mostly rocky and technical XC trails. I'm running 2.3 tires now but am switching to 2.5, which is the max my frame will take. Axle width is 142x12.
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    Need R wheel recommendation.

    I'm currently running a DT Swiss XM401. It's way too flexy for me. Can anyone recommend a solid rear wheel that's not too heavy but also doesn't cost $600+ for a single wheel? Thanks.
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    5th Annual Skyline Shuttle / Sunday Sept. 9th

    Great turnout with 14 strong riders finishing this year’s Skyline Shuttle. Rain held out the entire ride and we miraculously had no major mechanicals. We celebrated afterwards with excellent beers under a canopy as the rain rolled in. A perfect ending to a killer ride with an awesome crew...
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    5th Annual Skyline Shuttle / Sunday Sept. 9th

    Bizarro, we’ll ride plenty of well-built single track but there are a few sections in the beginning that look like this...
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    5th Annual Skyline Shuttle / Sunday Sept. 9th

    Fun but brutal on the body. Not my BOC for Ringwood in the summer.