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    For Sale...Magura MT7 Brakes & Bonty XR1 Tires:

    sorry missed that...
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    For Sale...Magura MT7 Brakes & Bonty XR1 Tires:

    Are you willing to ship those high rollers? 40 for the pair?
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    Rattlesnakes in wildcat

    Well I guess not quite wildcat... Spotted on lake Denmark road. While this one appeared to be dead, it is not the only one around i am sure. Really cool looking snake.
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    No bear hunt

    It is easily 90% of the hunting area available... when they say those numbers they are including all of the private properties... for example. someone like me who owns half an acre is included. No hunting possible on land that small.
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    No bear hunt

    A truly terrible decision. there are so many bears near me that they are short on food and beginning to look emaciated. the governor needs to start looking at the facts and how effective hunting is at population control. Hunters have the utmost respect for these animals and it is not a trophy...
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    Wildcat: Crowd Sourced Trail Maintenance

    Trimmed the bridge on Oreland trail. My apologies that I didn't get there before @JimN birthday ride...
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    Cop Hits Biker, Not Carlson

    That's one reason I avoid roads. Trees cant text and drive.
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    North Jersey Beginner Trails

    My first ride ever on a real mountain bike was at wildcat ridge, mainly because I didn't know any better and its my backyard. It will piss you off at first... but if you can ride there everything else seems easy.
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    Gore Mountain

    the free side of gore isn't too bad. ride the long climb out to the (EDIT) right of the free lot and enjoy some top notch downhill. i would share some strava links but its blocked at work. also gurney lane and smba are amazing.
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    Breezer Radar Pro Adventure/Gravel Bike $450.00 ****SOLD/SOLD/SOLD/SOLD*****

    where are you located? i might be interested... @RetroGrouch is really good at spending other peoples money...
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    Breezer Radar Pro Adventure/Gravel Bike $450.00 ****SOLD/SOLD/SOLD/SOLD*****

    @RetroGrouch you think this bike is a good size for my youngest brother?
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    Wildcat Ridge WMA Conditions

    Be advised that the state is currently clearing the powerlines at the bottom of oreland trail. Riding through there may be difficult for the next few days. Also i have been trying to maintain the weeds on the trail from the bridge to the road it will be 52 inches wide for the rest of the season...
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    Wild Cat Wednesday's!

    the trailforks app has saved me a bunch of times from confusing situations. I haven't ridden enough lately to contribute more trails and edits... being busy sucks.
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    9th Annual Cranks Around the CampFire Aug 24-26th 2018

    i might it this up this year. one question tho... Would a short bus camper be allowed instead of a tent?
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    Potential trip to Seattle next summer recommendations needed.

    i agree thats true. key words are potential trip. haha