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  1. MikeP
    MikeP dhunt8705
    if you ever want a tour of CCC, I can show you the place. I live right down the street. I'm a RN so I have flexible schedule. drop me a message if you're interested
  2. freshmtb
  3. sandman
    sandman Juggernaut
    In case you don't know. 100kMARS ride June 24 Saturday, 2017. 7am start, BTB office lot. 10 hour day, new trails, no big puddle.
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  4. rod murray
    rod murray UtahJoe
    Hi UtahJoe, saw your strava link to the mooch race for 4-23, is there a way to enable it so I can upload it into my garmin? Thanks!!
  5. serviceguy
    serviceguy guidodg
    Ciao Guido, benvenuto nel forum di MTBNJ. Siamo quasi coetanei, io ho 50 anni, sono di Firenze ma vivo in NJ da circa 10 anni.
  6. jetskir118
    Gonna ride Wissahickon friday anyone know a place to park?
  7. Andy74
    Andy74 pearl
    Quit following me, you're giving me the creeps
    Find that hole I got for u in Mercer yet?
  8. bobkennelly
  9. TriChick
    Cross is coming....
  10. Bravoporkchop
    Serenity now
  11. pygmypony
    pygmypony jimvreeland
    hey Jim, great meeting you today at Hb...i took your advice and used packing tape to patch up my busted iPhone and it seems like it's going to work just fine...thanks! also thanks for the advice on dropping the front derailleur...i will definitely give it a shot!
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  12. tjf
    tjf Juggernaut
    is this the owner of the lost ibis
  13. tjf
    does the owner of lost the blue ibis have proof of ownership
  14. Davesnhere
    Been a while...glad to be back!!!
  15. Jrzjoe
    Whiskey. IPA. Single speeds. Metal. Racin. Single speeds.
  16. gingertooth
    Make ur own rules....
  17. Flow
    Flow ChrisG
    Hey Chris, its the other Chris (Mandells friend). The waltworks is mine. Give me a call 201-787-5819
  18. mwlikesbikes
    mwlikesbikes chris12453
    Hi, I'm interested in your pivot. Would you take $3400 cash? If not what's the best you can do?
    You can call or text me at 732-742-2094 thanks, Mike.
  19. RSAmerica
    RSAmerica shred21
    Tedster is that you?

    David Katz here...
  20. KStwenty1
    Hey nice meeting you. Enjoy the spin cycle.