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  1. Jrzjoe
    Whiskey. IPA. Single speeds. Metal. Racin. Single speeds.
  2. gingertooth
    Make ur own rules....
  3. Flow
    Flow ChrisG
    Hey Chris, its the other Chris (Mandells friend). The waltworks is mine. Give me a call 201-787-5819
  4. mwlikesbikes
    mwlikesbikes chris12453
    Hi, I'm interested in your pivot. Would you take $3400 cash? If not what's the best you can do?
    You can call or text me at 732-742-2094 thanks, Mike.
  5. RSAmerica
    RSAmerica shred21
    Tedster is that you?

    David Katz here...
  6. KStwenty1
    Hey nice meeting you. Enjoy the spin cycle.
  7. Dingo
    Dingo Shorepoints
    Hey ! it was great to meet you today at c-rock! the parking lot was buzzed with the news of watchung!
    1. Shorepoints
      You too! Very excited about the possibilities. Planning meeting Friday to organize the trail building plan and we should be flagging the new trail as soon as this weekend.
      Dec 14, 2016
  8. ride55
    ride55 Pointboy
    I am a friend of M3 Tim and interested in your bike. I live in Bedminster NJ and can be reached on my cell phone 914-671-7814.
  9. domo
  10. Harry Hamilton
    Harry Hamilton Chris26er
    Nice racing with you Chris. Pleasure to meet you
  11. pathfinder67
    big, old, slow guy. riding for the love of it!!!
  12. domo
    Chris, thanks for helping my friends out today coming out of white trail at Ringwood. I owe you bruh. Thanks again.
  13. domo
    tied game wow
  14. SSmtbr
    SS to Gears to SS to Gears to SS to Gears...
  15. bm1981
    I wish there was a way to get better at climbing hills other than climbing more hills
  16. Hot Action
    Hot Action chodaddy
    I didn't get any action on the bike so I actually just gave it to a friend's 11 year old son, need some karma 5'8", that bike would of been abit cramped anyway
  17. pearl
    i can tell by the way you play ball your father was a snitch
  18. GLawn
    GLawn Dictatorsaurus
    Hey im interested in the wheelset. I live in Wall. Give me a call 908-433-1599. Thanks, Greg
  19. mattybfat
    Fat before it was a Fad
  20. blackburn1973
    I turned into a martian ...